☄️BXBT Utility Guide

BXBT token holders now have access to exclusive benefits, significantly enhancing the utility of BXBT and making it essential for attaining top rankings on BoxBet.

By maintaining scaling BXBT balances, holders gain access to a variety of perks and features, including:

  • Discounted Copy Betting

  • Zero Fee Betting

  • Enhanced Betting Odds

For specific details, please read the subsections. Not all perks will be available immediately; they will be introduced gradually in phases.

Getting Started

To enjoy these perks, purchase and hold BXBT in a wallet like Metamask. You must verify your BXBT ownership through the easy steps outlined below. The quantity of BXBT required varies based on the feature you want to unlock. For further details, refer to the relevant subsections.

*Please be aware that this process is solely for verifying your ownership of BXBT tokens and does not grant BXBT control over your wallet.

1. Ensure your wallet app, like MetaMask, is operational and set to the Ethereum chain.

2. Go to https://etherscan.io/verifiedSignatures

3. Click "Sign message"

4. Connect your wallet, ensuring it contains BXBT tokens for successful verification.

5. Type "BXBT" in the "message" field. Don't forget to write "BXBT" in capital letters like the image below, or this process won't work.

6. Click "Sign Message"

7. Approve signing in your wallet application. You will then see a signed message post. There is NO need to publish the message. Just copy the signature hash.

8. Navigate to your BoxBet wallet and select '/menu' to access the main menu. Then, click on the 'Connect a Wallet with BXBT' button.

  1. Paste the wallet address you've connected to Etherscan and where your BXBT tokens are held. Then, input your signature hash and click confirm. Following this, your BXBT balance will sync, and your perks will be unlocked based on your balance.

  1. Users can access the perks section to view available benefits by clicking on their profile icon within the app.

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