🔄Discounted Copy Betting

Holders of 4,000 BXBT or more will qualify for a 50% reduction in the copy betting fees they are charged.

BXBT holders with a balance of 4,000 or more BXBT will now benefit from a reduced copy betting fee. Previously at 5%, it's now reduced to 2.5%, cutting the cost in half. Note that the minimum copy fee is $1, meaning that under the 5% fee, the minimum bet was $20, but with the new 2.5% fee, the minimum bet increases to $40.

Looking ahead, as we plan to introduce a subscription-based closed channel, this perk becomes increasingly essential. Those who choose to copy will be charged, but for these holders, the cost of maintaining their club membership will be notably reduced, enhancing the value of this benefit.

Where can I see if my discounted copy betting is active?
  • Users can see all their active perks in the perks section which is accessible by clicking on their profile icon in the app.

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