💚Zero Fee Betting

Holders of 10,000 BXBT or more will be eligible for zero fee betting indefinitely.

BoxBet implements a dynamic betting fee structure with varying rates based on bet amounts. However, holders of 10,000 BXBT tokens or more are entitled to indefinite zero-fee betting. Beginning on February 1st, 2024.

The BoxBet app fee rates are:

  • 5% for bets under $100.

  • 2.5% for bets over $100.

  • 1% for bets over $500.

  • 0.5% for bets over $1000.

  • 0% fee for balances over 10,000 BXBT.

Where can I see if my zero fee betting is active?
  • Users can see all their active perks in the perks section which is accessible by clicking on their profile icon in the app.

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