🎯Betting Rules

BoxBet Betting Rules

  1. Understanding of Services By utilizing BoxBet, you acknowledge your comprehension of our online betting services' standard methods, rules, and procedures. You commit to using these services in a manner that does not compromise BoxBet's integrity.

  2. Accuracy of Transaction Information It is your responsibility to verify the accuracy of your betting transaction details. Double-checking all information before finalizing your bet is crucial.

  3. Acknowledgement of Risk You recognize the inherent risk of monetary loss in betting and assume full responsibility for any losses incurred while using BoxBet. Your engagement with the application is solely at your personal discretion and risk.

  4. Transaction Acceptance Transactions are confirmed only upon their recording on the blockchain and your receipt of the transaction hash. In case of unrecorded transactions, ensure all steps were properly followed and contact support if necessary. Transaction failures may arise due to blockchain congestion or technical issues beyond BoxBet's control.

  5. Official Time BoxBet operates on GMT for all its promotional activities and events.

  6. Betting Conditions Ensure you are well-acquainted with the conditions for bet placement and winning calculation formulas before making a bet.

  7. Agreement to Terms Bets are accepted exclusively from users who consent to BoxBet's terms and conditions and these betting rules. Placing a bet signifies your unequivocal understanding and agreement with these regulations.

  8. Timing of Bets Bets are accepted only before an event's actual commencement. For example, bets for a 10:00 GMT event are valid only if placed before this start time.

  9. Finality of Bets All bets are final. Exceptions include bets invalidated by the smart-contract due to event alterations or cancellations, where the bet amount will be returned.

  10. Pre-Match Bets Bets are based on pre-match events and odds determined by the Azuro protocol. A bet's validity is determined by its placement before the actual start of the event, regardless of any schedule adjustments.

  11. Postponed Events For postponements under 24 hours, bets are maintained. Over 24 hours, bets may be refunded as per smart-contract terms, at BoxBet's discretion.

  12. Cancellation of Bets Bets are irrevocable, except in cases of event postponement or cancellation. In the rare event of a bet discrepancy due to a BoxBet error, our team will conduct a detailed review. A refund is issued only if a clear internal error of BoxBet is identified. Bets impacted by human errors, software malfunctions, or evident typographical errors may be subject to review and potential refund.

  13. Technical Errors Bets are honored as per original odds in cases of technical errors not influencing the event's outcome.

  14. Accuracy of Translations BoxBet is not liable for any errors in the translation of player names, team names, or event locations. Bets remain valid despite these translation inaccuracies.

  15. Maximum and Minimum Bets The maximum win for an express bet is set at 250,000 USDT, with a minimum bet requirement of 3 USDT.

  16. Bet Acceptance A bet is deemed accepted following its recording on the blockchain, evidenced by a received transaction hash. Registered bets cannot be revoked.

  17. Betting Procedure Bets are made from the user's wallet to the smart contracts, with an NFT issued containing bet details. Claiming winnings necessitates an additional transaction.

  18. Determining Win or Loss A bet is won if all selected outcomes are correctly predicted, based on data oracle information. Payouts are made according to initial results, irrespective of any later revisions.

  19. Cancellation of Event Results Cancellations of event results post-completion do not affect bets, which are settled as per the initial outcome.

  20. Non-Acceptance of Credit Bets Credit bets are not accepted. All bets require on-chain transactions from the user's wallet.

These rules are subject to periodic updates, and users are advised to regularly review them for any changes.

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