👥Copy Betting

Users can now share their bets with friends and earn a 5% reward from the winnings of successful bets copied by others.

Users who hold BXBT can reduce the 5% they pay, for more details please see Discounted Copy Betting

Please note: We do not count copy bets where the potential payout is less than $40, which means the reward from such bets is less than $1. For example, if the winnings from copy bets are $40, then 2.5% equals $1.

How Can I Copy a Bet?
  • The bet slip confirmation has a 'copy link' feature at the bottom. By sharing this slip, others can click the copy button, redirecting them to the BoxBet app to confirm the amount and place the identical bet. To use this feature, users must have a BoxBet wallet.

  1. Click Copy

  1. Check the bet, confirm the amount, and place the bet.

  1. Bet confirmed!

  1. When someone copies your bet, you will receive a notification with the potential reward you will receive.

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