👼First Time User

Get started with BoxBet by following these quick and easy steps!

  1. Access the Telegram Bot by clicking this link.

  2. Click the Start button, or enter /start in the bot if the chat window is already open.


  4. To start betting on BoxBet, transfer your USDT and MATIC to your wallet on the Polygon Network. Enjoy gasless betting transactions with all costs covered by the revenue wallet. Remember, MATIC is only needed for withdrawals, not for your betting transactions. MAKE SURE YOU SEND IT TO THE WALLET ON THE POLYGON NETWORK!!!

  5. That's it! You are now ready to place bets using the Telegram Bot as you wish.

  6. Please see the Quick Betting Guide for a complete overview.

*Please remember that the min bet amount is $3 USDT, please read Betting Rules for more info.

What happens if I send USDT to the wrong address?
  • USDT or MATIC sent to the wrong address or using the wrong network will likely result in a complete LOSS OF FUNDS. BoxBet cannot assist in retrieving the funds as we cannot access user wallets. Always double-check your transactions for accuracy.

Can I use MetaMask to control my BoxBet wallet?

Yes! You can import your wallet into MetaMask using your private key and mnemonic phrase. Please be sure you only import private keys or mnemonic phrases into genuine wallets.

What happens if I lose my phone, will my wallet still be retrievable ?

Yes! You can recover your wallet if you have access to your private key and mnemonic phrase. Please store these details safely!

What happens if I lose my private key and mnemonic phrase?

Please store a copy of your private key and mnemonic phrase offline and keep these details handy and secure. If you lose your private key and mnemonic phrase, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RECOVER YOUR FUNDS. BoxBet cannot retrieve these details or help recover any of your funds.

  • By using BoxBet, all users confirm they are above 18 years old and residing in countries where online gambling is legal. BoxBet presents inherent risks associated with sports betting and automated bot functionalities. It's designed for individuals familiar with the challenges and pitfalls of such platforms. There is no company support or customer service for fund recovery or compromised wallet issues. Users should treat BoxBet with the caution of a hot wallet: only wager or store funds that you can afford to lose. Financial safety and security should always be your top priority.

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