🪄Quick Betting Guide

Begin by downloading Telegram if you haven't done so. After installation, click the following link.

Once on the bot, click /menu to start and create your wallet.

Please write down your private key and mnemonic details in a notebook and keep it in a secure location such as a safe or bank vault. Don't keep any personal information online; delete the message once you have written everything down. Please keep these details safe; if they fall into the wrong hands, they will gain full access to your account and funds. WE ARE NOT ABLE TO HELP YOU RETRIEVE LOST OR STOLEN FUNDS!

Once the wallet is created, you will arrive at the main menu where you will see your public wallet address, your unique referral link, which you can use for the active user program, and your wallet balances in MATIC and USDT.

To begin making sports bets, you must fund your account with MATIC and USDT (POLYGON NETWORK!). The minimum suggested amount is 1 MATIC. This ensures you have enough to make withdrawals from your BoxBet wallet. MATIC is no longer needed for betting-related transactions as the revenue wallet now subsidizes them, but you will need MATIC for all withdrawals. For this guide, we have credited our account with 10 MATIC and 10 USDT.

To begin making a bet, click the "Make a Bet button", and the betting screen will pop up in the Telegram app.

From this screen, you will be able to select different sports groups and narrow down your search until you find the event you want to bet on. In our example, we will select Football.

Next, we can select from a variety of football leagues. For our example, we will select the Premier League.

Then, select the specific game you want to bet on. In our example, we choose Chelsea vs Arsenal.

Then, select what bet you want to make. There are numerous options which vary based on the sport you choose. In our example, we will make a simple moneyline bet and select who we think will win the game or a draw. In our example, we choose draw or option X.

*Option 1 is a win for Chelsea, and the option 2 is for Arsenal to win.

We then arrive at the place bet screen, where you can place your wager amount and see your payout if you win. Remember that BoxBet takes a 5% fee on all bets, so to bet 10 USDT, you need 10.5 USDT. In our example, we are betting 5 USDT on a draw. Our potential payout if our bet is confirmed is 16.94 USDT (3.4x).

Please make sure you review your bet before confirming. Once bets are placed, they cannot be cancelled. Once you approve the bet, you will receive a confirmation prompt.

You will then return to the main menu screen, and your bet confirmation will be visible. You can check all pending bets by clicking the bet history screen in the main menu.

If you win a bet, your winnings will be automatically credited to your wallet, usually within an hour after the event concludes. Our enhanced interface notifies you instantly of any wins, and if you haven't claimed them, they'll be seamlessly included in your wallet balance when you place your next bet.

If you want to withdraw your funds to another wallet, please click the withdraw funds button from the main menu or the wallet icon from the main betting screen. Then, add your address and select the amount of MATIC or USDT you wish to withdraw. PLEASE REMEMBER ALWAYS TO USE THE POLYGON NETWORK!

For more information, please read Betting Rules.

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