Betting with BoxBet is designed to be fast and user-friendly, but should you face any difficulties, you'll find solutions for common problems listed below.

Why did my bet fail?

Most bets on BoxBet proceed smoothly, but some may occasionally fail and produce the following message:

  • Network issues can lead to bet failures, resulting in 'TX fail' error messages because of delays or timeouts. It's important to note that placing a bet immediately after receiving this message could result in duplicate bets. To avoid this, wait at least 5 minutes and verify the transaction status on https://polygonscan.com/ before attempting another bet. This approach helps monitor on-chain activity and ensures your bet is processed correctly. We are actively working on resolving this issue to minimize future confusion.

  • Bets may fail if the betting event has already started. This issue will be addressed with the future implementation of live betting.

  • Failure can also occur if the bet size exceeds the maximum allowed for the chosen market.

  • Additionally, bets fail if the specific outcome chosen for the bet is no longer available.

Why is my crypto deposit not visible, including withdrawal concerns?

Crypto deposits and withdrawals are typically smooth but can sometimes fail due to common errors such as:

  1. Deposits or withdrawals made using an incorrect chain; always ensure you use the POLYGON Network.

  2. Users often encounter issues due to insufficient MATIC in their wallets, necessary for withdrawals. Although MATIC isn't required for betting on BoxBet, it's vital for successful withdrawals. Ensure you have enough MATIC to avoid transaction delays

  3. Entering the wrong address; always double-check your public address.

  4. Network delays due to congestion lead to slower transactions. Confirm the status of your transaction at https://polygonscan.com/ to see if it is pending.

Please note that BoxBet does NOT have control over user funds and cannot assist in recovering lost funds. Users of BoxBet must acknowledge and accept the risks associated with using the platform.

Why aren't my winnings showing in my wallet?
  • The bet history section provides users with a comprehensive overview of their betting activities, including the ability to view the bets they have won and the outcomes of all their bets. This feature offers a clear and convenient way for users to confirm and keep records of their betting successes and activities.

  • Winning bets are automatically credited to user wallets, typically within 1-2 hours after the conclusion of the betting event. This seamless process ensures that users receive their winnings promptly. However, in cases where the credit does not occur as expected, users have the option to manually claim their bets. This can be done by using the 'Claim Bet' button, which is conveniently located in both the betting history and withdrawals sections.

Disclaimer: BoxBet does not manage betting pools or handle payouts; these functions are conducted through Azuro in a decentralized manner. All winning bets are finalized and made immutable via smart contracts, eliminating any middle-man or central authority involvement in these outcomes.

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