🔮Vision 24

BoxBet is committed to becoming the premier licensed crypto iGaming platform on Telegram and beyond. From the outset, our strategy has been clear and consistent: to provide an unmatched user experience across various entertainment options such as sports betting, casino games, lotteries, and social gaming. Our vision is to lead as a blue-chip crypto iGaming platform across multiple platforms, delivering top-tier entertainment.


Phase 1: Betting Revolution Unleashed - ✅

We've successfully launched our Telegram app, redefining the betting landscape with a user-friendly interface that simplifies parlay and copy betting. With over $2.5 million in bets placed, we've built a strong community foundation. Our commitment to security has facilitated a seamless and secure betting environment. Our market cap soared past $25 million, with a sturdy standing at $23 million and a robust $13.5 million in lifetime trading volume. Our platform has been the choice for over 20,000 bets, marking a triumphant beginning.

Phase 2: Casino Craze Activated - 🟧

Prepare for the launch of BoxBet's casino platform, where exhilaration meets play. Our new addition promises a thrilling selection of fan-favourite games complemented by an enticing jackpot feature, ensuring the stakes remain high. The synergy of our enhanced platform and the Telegram app introduces an enriched sports betting experience and heralds the arrival of our dynamic new betting website. Experience the best casino games from leading global providers, with a focus on curated jackpots and swift gameplay.

Phase 3: Epic Growth - 🟧

Embark on our journey of monumental growth as BoxBet aims to shine in the iGaming universe. We're gearing up for aggressive marketing campaigns designed to broaden our user base and amplify betting volumes. Our vision to be recognized as the top licensed iGaming platform will be supported by our state-of-the-art website and Telegram app. It's more than growth; it's a revolution in iGaming, with aspirations to dominate the industry as the ultimate destination for gaming enthusiasts.

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